Fan animation of The Amazing World of Gumball. (Episode: The Fridge)

A huge thanks to Amisakadarthana for providing the voice of Nicole!


O.o the quality~

Questions and Stuff

I apologize to those that are asking me questions and I’m not responding very quickly. For some reason, my message box hardly notifies me when I have messages. I just logged on and it said I had one and when I opened it up, I had about four or five. I guess I’ll just have to check that a little more often so I can catch everyone’s questions as soon as possible. Keep the questions and suggestions coming though and I’ll answer as soon as I notice them!


Anonymous asked:

Would you be willing to draw some...homestuck? Assuming you know what that is, if you dont thats fine...

I don’t think I’ve heard of Homestuck but I can look it up. I’ve been a little too busy lately to draw lately but I’ll try to find some time.

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